Said’s Iconic Works

now at Silverton Gallery Asheville NC

149 Lexington Ave,Asheville NC 

Jose’ Sa’id Osio’s  works are his expression of a life long immersion into the sacred traditions. Visual fields of metaphorical experiences. Influences can be felt in his works stemming from the use of symbolism informed by Iconic works from Colonial Hispanic, Asian to Islamic cultures and also found in great teachings from the Kabala to the Tao.

As a series these works are a journey of discovery. A visual narrative played out in    materials coalescing in patina like textures, and images that convey a sense of connectedness to primal forces. Works that are explorations into a visual language that intones their own transcendent beauty transforming the symbols embedded in them. In Sa’id’s  words a visual symphony of psalms.His other works include works on paper, mixed media and sculpture with found natural materials. He was born in Los Angeles in 1944 and has lived in Miami , Boulder, Marin and now in Asheville  N C.